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10 Things to do in Cyprus for Ultimate Relaxation


Some people go to Cyprus for the nightlife, the History, the Beaches or for Adventure. But others just want to relax…

So, fancy some relaxation on the beautiful island of Cyprus? We have the perfect list for you, you’ll be sure to find at least one activity that suits you, to relax and unwind….

1. Dip into the cold waters of Adonis Baths…

Firstly, Adonis Baths is located in Kiki Village, Paphos, where you will find beautiful waterfalls, with relaxing surroundings. So take your swimming gear if you’re brave enough to dip into the ICE-COLD waters! What’s more, there is a rope hanging from the tree that overhangs the water, that I had to jump off to get the cold shock out of the way! Once you’re in, however you do it, it’s time to relax and cool down from the hot Cyprus sun.

2. Take a relaxing boat trip to one of the stunning blue lagoons…

Secondly, take a relaxing boat trip to one of Cyprus’ Blue lagoons. We have been to Akamas Blue lagoon from Latch Port and Cape Greco Blue Lagoon from Ayia Napa Port, both of which are stunning. Sail across the Mediterranean before reaching the refreshing BLUE waters of the lagoon for some snorkeling and/or a little dip and a relaxing swim. Additionally, there’s plenty of different trips to choose from at each port, to suit all different needs.

3. Relax with a beach day on one of Cyprus’ award-winning beaches…

Cyprus is known for its award-winning beaches, so what’s a better way to spend one of your days on the island than relaxing on the beach. What’s more, we love the beaches in Cyprus’ that much, that we have a whole blog on our favorites! There are different beaches to suit different needs, so pick your favorite and have a sun-kissed relaxing day.

4. Take a stroll down one of Cyprus’ many Harbors…

Cyprus has many harbors to choose from, each with their own beauty. Also, they all have plenty of food and drink places to grab a refreshment from too! So, pick the one you fancy and stroll at your leisure, before stopping for a cold ice coffee or a bite to eat, whatever you fancy. Bliss. 😊

5. Cool down in the crystal-clear water of Fig tree bay…

Fig tree bay is one of our FAVES! The water is SO clear and refreshing, that it just makes it the perfect place to relax. Beaches are fun and the sea is even more fun, but nothing makes it more relaxing than the water being crystal clear, does it?

6. Take a swim around Aphrodite Rock and relax on the beach…

The Aphrodite Rock arises from the sea off the coast south of Paphos. It may look like just a rock, however, the attraction comes from the belief that it is the birthplace of Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty. Although this is on the relaxing list, because the beach is so popular, it wouldn’t be the go-to beach for relaxing in the high season, so go during the quieter times to really relax here.

7. Snorkel at one of Cyprus many secret beaches…

Fancy a relaxing adventure? That’s a thing, right? So, find one of Cyprus secret snorkeling spots and swim with the fishes… there’s something so magical about snorkeling in a quiet location, just you and the sea life. Well, just you, your partner and the sea life, if you travel as a couple like us, Haha.

8. Take a walk in the Cypriot Mountains….

Cyprus has mountains, yes! So, grab your hiking boots and head into the mountains for a real nature vibe! There are many studies to suggest the relation in trees and relaxation, so this one is a must for a quiet and calming day. Below are pictures in Troodos Mountains, pay a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

9. Treat yourself to a spa day in one of Cyprus many hotels…

Had enough of the blazing hot sun for one day? Then we’ve got you covered, Cyprus has many beautiful hotels, with spas! So why not treat yourself to a relaxing spa day and get out of the heat for a day. Also you might even be lucky enough to have the spa to yourself like we did on our 1-year wedding anniversary (pictures below). Likewise you could book a spa hotel for your whole stay, see what Cyprus has to offer here.

10. Watch the sunset or sunrise…

Lastly, a personal favorite, wherever we are… but Cyprus has AMAZING sunrises and sunsets. So grab your blankets and head to a relaxing spot and watch the sky make its art. Whether you watch it from the beach, the mountains or your balcony, the sky won’t disappoint.

We have several posts about Cyprus, so for more things to do in Cyprus check out our other blogs on Cyprus.

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Thank you for reading, we hope you found something relaxing to do! If you found this helpful, please let us know in the comments… we’d love to hear from you! 😊

However, if we have missed anything, comment below to let others know, what other relaxing things they can do in Cyprus.

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