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Hi Guys,

We are Lucinda and Adam A.K.A Lu & Ad The Creators of Dual Adventures. We are a married adventurous couple from the UK.

So you’re here to know a little bit more about us? We met in 2008 at just 16 and 17yrs old (so you could call us childhood sweethearts ha ha).

Lu is a graduate of BSc in Physical Activity and Health. Ad has been in a career for 10years, a career which meant lots of working away and moving around… But, since leaving his career he has now qualified in the Fitness Industry too!

So, after a 10 year career of not much freedom for Ad and 9years of devoted wife life/student life/moving jobs all the time life for Lu. We decided it was time for some freedom!

Which brings us to why we are writing this post…

We have always loved adventure! We are always exploring new places, running, hiking, camping and learning about the history of different places. Travel is also something we absolutely love, but we never really got much time to do so (due to the demand of Ads career). We had been to lots of places together over the years, but never for a significant amount of time. As we always had to fit a trip in here and there when we got some time off work together.

After spending so much time apart throughout our relationship whenever we got the chance to, we would spend 24/7 together.. So now we have decided to travel the world, where we can spend every day together, in many beautiful places… (and no we dont get bored of each other! Ha ha)

So, we decided to start Dual Adventures as a way of documenting our travel journey. Mainly for ourselves but also for friends, family and anyone else that is interested in our story! We love to take photos, write and inspire others.

We hope you enjoy following our journey, we are happy to have you here!

Thank you for reading – if you are enjoying our content, we’d love you to introduce yourself in the comments!

Lu & Ad
(Creators of Dual Adventures)

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