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Hey there, We are Lucinda and Adam (A.K.A Lu & Ad), the couple behind Dual Adventures. We are a UK-based married couple, who share a passion for Travel & Adventure.

So you’re here to know a little bit more about us?

Firstly, I’m Lucinda (A.KA Lu) and I am the writer behind Dual Adventures. My adventure partner and husband is Adam (Ad). We met just after leaving high school in 2008, at just 16 and 17yrs old (so you could call us childhood sweethearts ha). Due to us both being adventurous people, even before we met we were both always passionate about wanting to explore new places.

So, from being very young, as soon as I could drive, we would head off on weekends to explore new places, mainly in England and Wales. We would, hike, camp, explore new cities and find hidden gems. However, for 10years, Adam was in a career that meant lots of working away and moving around. So we could never really travel together as much as we’d have liked. Also, I had to move jobs a lot to accommodate his career. Therefore I was always thinking of ways I could work from my laptop. Not only to be able to take my work anywhere, but also as a way to keep myself busy, doing something I love; writing and being creative.

So, after a 10 year career of not much freedom for Ad and devoted wife life/student life/moving jobs all the time for me. We decided it was finally time for some freedom!

Why Dual Adventures?

After spending ALOT of time apart throughout our relationship, due to work. In 2018 Adam made the decision, with my approval of course, to hand his notice in, so we could travel more, catch up on lost time and spend every day together, exploring beautiful places.

Therefore, our decision for freedom and our desire to travel, explore and experience new adventures, along with my love of writing and photography, tied in pretty well with my ambition to work from my laptop.

So, in 2019 we decided to start ‘Dual Adventures’ as a way of documenting our travel journey. However we all know what happened in 2020, bad timing I know! But that hasn’t stopped us… we just had to adjust plans a bit… OK, a lot, but that’s all part of ‘Life’s Adventures’.

Dual Adventures is a couple’s travel and adventure blog, featuring hikes, road trips, waterfalls, city breaks and photography… I love to write about the interesting places we travel to and the adventures we take and we both love to take photos and inspire others, to live more freely. We mostly like to travel on a budget and enjoy free adventures! So if this sounds like your type of thing, maybe stick around?

If you decide to stick around… we hope you enjoy following our journey, we are so happy to have you here!

Thank you for reading – we hope you enjoyed learning a little more about us and where Dual Adventures came from… if you are enjoying our content, we’d love you to introduce yourself in the comments and let us know!

Lu & Ad
(Creators of Dual Adventures)

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