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10 Things to do in Cyprus at night: The Ultimate List


As we lived in Cyprus for 3 years, we got to experience most of Cyprus’ nightlife, especially me (Lu)! Most of our photos in this blog are lower quality as they are from the 3 years we lived there, and a lot of them feature friends and family, due to this being our home. But what makes it special is that we speak from our own personal experience when we recommend these things to do in Cyprus at night.

If Tradition and Culture is your thing, there’s something for that! But if you just want to party, we’ve got that covered too… This list covers things to do in Cyprus at night with something for everyone. Eat, drink, relax, something a bit different? So, read this list to help plan your Cyprus nights.

1. Enjoy the entertainment of a Cypriot/Greek Night!

Well, the first one on the list has to be the traditional Greek Cypriot nights… If you visit Cyprus, you’ve got to plan in one of these. Especially if you love different cultures. Greek nights are a fun, cultured, funny, energetic night. What’s more most of them have traditional Greek food, music and entertainment. Not only do the performers entertain you, but they tend to get the audience involved too, making it a super fun and interactive experience. They tend to have these nights in most of the towns and villages… We’ve personally been to them in Pissouri, Coral Bay and Paphos. Your hotel should beable to advise you on the best ones in your area.

2. Dance the night away on Paphos (Pafos) Strip!

Dance the night away on Paphos stip. The strip is like any other, full of night clubs, bars and groups of young tourists! However, this is the perfect night for anyone who likes lively night life. There’s music for different tastes in each club and bar, so you can choose what atmosphere you want to enjoy. So, if you are staying in Paphos already, that’s great! If not, Paphos has many hotels that you can book for one night so you can enjoy a night on the strip. Alternatively, if you are staying somewhere outside of Paphos, you could take a taxi to and from the strip. A must on the Cyprus at night list!

3. Enjoy cocktails along Paphos Harbour

Paphos Harbor a great but touristy place for food and drinks. This one is great for families or those who just want a nice meal followed by a quiet drink by the port. But, it’s literally next to the strip so, if you want to head ‘out out’ afterwards you can. Making this the perfect recipe for those “lets just have a quiet one” nights! (You get me?)

See the pictures below of me and my sister enjoying a nice cocktail with our meal on Paphos Harbor…. followed by SHOTS with some random Brits we met :) HA HA, did I say a quiet drink?

4. Fill your belly at Fat Mammas

Fat Mammas is in Paphos but not right in the centre, it’s next to Paphos Mall. This restaurant is famous for its amazing food and HUGE portions. But it’s also well known for its entertainment too! Therefore, this is the one you’d book for a birthday meal out for sure. And I say book because you’ll definitely need to book a table as it can get quite popular, especially in peak seasons. Hence it making the Cyprus at night List!

5. Have a fun night on Coral Bay Strip

Not far from Paphos, is Coral Bay… A beautiful part of Cyprus. If you want some night life but you’re not the party all night type, then Coral Bay might be the perfect place to stay. Coral Bay has its own strip of bars and restaurants but on a smaller, quieter and maybe more family orientated scale. Perfect for cocktails and stunning food in Cyprus at night… But also, is just a short taxi or bus ride away from Paphos strip if you fancy heading there for one of your nights, so it’s a win, win.

6. Enjoy great food and cocktails at Limassol’s Old Port

The perfect place for cocktails, music and partying, if that’s what you want to do. Limassol old port has many different restaurants and bars to enjoy in the earlier evening and then later on in the night, some of them turn into busy night clubs!

This is great if you want to start off with some food and drinks before dancing the night away. But also, equally as good for those that want some great food and cocktails then head back to the hotel before the partying starts. Basically, it caters for the party animals as well as the chilled night out people. So, staying in Limassol gives you the best of both worlds.

7. Spend a cosy night at Limassol’s Gin Garden

Honestly, if you like gin, you could just spend a whole night at Limassol Gin Garden. This place has such a cute and relaxed atmosphere and SO MANY choices of Gin to choose from. It can get a little pricey depending on how much you drink, but when is gin not pricey on a night out? So, it’s the perfect place for a catch up with your pals or a cosy little date night.

8. Spend a fancy evening at Limassol Marina

The Marina (basically ‘the new port’) is very modern and posh and has some lovely places to eat. This is a great choice if you are just out for food then maybe one or two drinks afterwards, with a browse at the amazing Yachts. However, saying that, this is a short walk away from the old port (mentioned above). So, if those one or two drinks turns into more… on to the old port it is!

9. Party all night long on Ayia Napa Strip

If you are going to Cyprus, I guess you’ve heard of Ayia Napa? Known for its partying status. If you want a full-on party holiday, Ayia Napa is the destination for your Cyprus trip. You’ll never be stuck for something to do at night in Ayia napa. The strip is full of bars and nightclubs that stay open late into the night. As well as pool parties, boat parties and beach parties. If you want a party, you’ll find more than enough to choose from here!

10. Have a fab and fun night on Protaras Strip  

Protaras strip is not too far from Ayia Napa but it’s much quieter (The Coral bay to the Paphos). Staying here is great if you want a bit of night life but like, not too much! You can head out down Protaras strip for food and drinks most nights, maybe a bar crawl or just a couple of games of pool. But you could also take a taxi into Ayia Napa for one more lively night during your trip.

Bonus things to do!

More things you could do in Cyprus at night…

Book a Boat Cruise in Cyrus at night

Furthermore, if you fancy something a bit different, there’s plenty of boat trips to choose from that can be enjoyed in the evening. Moreover you can choose from romantic sunset cruises to party boats and even firework cruises. You’ll find these trips going from Paphos, Latchi, Protaras and Ayia Napa.

Book tickets for Pissouri Amphitheatre

If partying isn’t for you, or at least not every night. Pissouri Amphitheatre is a great evening out. They have many different tribute acts that perform here. You would need to book your tickets… you can see what acts are on and book here.

Plan some Star Gazing in Cyprus at night…

Last but most certainly not least… The skies can be very clear on a summer’s night in Cyprus, not to mention the air is warm and inviting. What’s more relaxing and/or romantic than lying outside looking into the nights sky at the amazing stars.

The great thing is, you can do this from anywhere, for free. The beach? Sun lounger? Take a blanket out to lie on? Add this to your list of things to do while in Cyprus and I’m sure you’ll always remember it 😊

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