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Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Story Time From A First Timer


Welcome to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival edition of ‘Story Time’! This is my P.O.V on day one at our first ever Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019.

Lu’s Story time: Our first time at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Well, I only got round to writing about day one, because after that we were too busy seeing shows and having fun! … there’s never a dull moment at the fringe (except from the grey clouds), it was great hectic fun!

Day One at edinburgh Fringe Festival

So, day one started with us walking into Edinburgh City Centre from the Apartment. This was about 2.3miles away and took us 35-40minutes to get there. Therefore, safe to say we got the steps in, daily!

It was an eventful walk into the city centre. Despite being summertime, of course, the rain kept coming and going. But the sun was also in and out. Meaning, we were cold one minute and boiling hot the next… As a result coats on, coats off, umbrella up, umbrella down. (you get it!)

So, as you can imagine it was one of those days where you don’t know what to wear, and what you should be wearing keeps changing with the weather, one minute to the next! Welcome to Scotland…

We arrived in the City Centre…

So, we made it to the city centre, our first stop was a Scottish shop of course… therefore, everything in tartan… everything, from kilts to mugs, magnets to hats! As you can imagine, it was the perfect tourists souvenir shop.

Then off to find The Royal Mile… after climbing up lots and lots of steps… we got to the start of the mile – at The Edinburgh Castle. Oh so this is where all the crowds are… sooo many people!

Next we decided to have a walk round, taking in the atmosphere and scenes. We had no trouble finding out what shows were on, as leaflets were being handed to us from every direction. There was loads of options to choose from, for instance comedy shows, magicians, dance, singers, panto and many many more. Although, this can be a little overwhelming for the first time at the fringe, not knowing where to start.

But, we heard some singing, so we just followed the sound… The first show we saw was a street act, it was a young lad called Murdo Mitchell playing guitar, tambourine, and a box, whilst also singing! He was amazingly talented.

We saw a Hypnotist…

We then decided to go off to find a hypnotist show in one of the underground venues… However, Ads map reading skills took us in the opposite direction, so I took over (standard) and I just managed to get us there in time… never mind, he tried.

Of course, the Hypnotist needed volunteers from the audience, I tried to get Adam to go up but he was too scared (haha, next time!). The Hypnotist Robert Temple, was brilliant to watch, he successfully hypnotized three of the volunteers for definite. He was also so entertaining in the way he put his show together, he had the volunteers doing all sorts of funny and embarrassing things while under his hypnosis (I think Ad was glad he stood his ground this time!). We also managed to eat our packed lunch while watching the show (The Fringe on a budget with Lu & Ad!).

When we left the underground venue… we were greeted with torrential rain! Again, “Welcome to Scotland!”  

Funny quote of the trip from Ad:

Ad“Everywhere you go smells of weed, ‘Scotland in a whole, smells of weed’…”.

Lu- “In a hole?” *Laughing*

Ad “Scotland’s in a hole, that’s why they smoke weed!” *laughs to himself*

Don’t ask, cause’ I don’t even know?! (ha ha)   

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Thank you for reading my story! If you enjoyed it please let me know in the comments, or share something from your experience at The Fringe? I would love to hear from you.



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