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This page is purely for us to share some of our favorite shots, without any real theme. This is our ‘Dual Photographers Galleries’. We created ‘Dual Photographers’ as a Instagram page where we can share our photography. We do photography as a hobby, alongside our travel and adventure and because it is a hobby, we shoot several types of photography.


I love all photography but I really enjoy shooting people, from couple shoots (including for ourselves) to new born shoots, maternity shoots, family shoots and everything and anything in between. I love to shoot nature, landscapes and wildlife too, but I really enjoy making people feel good and happy when I create beautiful pictures of them and their loved ones.


I like to shoot Landscape and wildlife more than anything else when it comes to my hobby photography. I’m quite new to it and I feel most comfortable with these types of photography. I love the stillness of landscape shoots and I enjoy capturing wildlife in their natural habitat. I also find these shoots the most peaceful. However, I do enjoy all types of photography and I am working on my skills in other areas.

The Gallery by Dual Photographers

Head over to Our Photography Instagram Dual Photographers, to see more of our favorite shots as we post…

We will continue to update this page with new photography as we progress, we’d love to know what type of photography you are into and why… Let us know in the comments below… Also, please let us know your favorite shot of ours? We’d love to hear from you!

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If you are new to photography why not check out our Photography Resources.

or if you would like to know more about what gear we use head over to Our Photography Equipment to see everything we shoot with.


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