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Ingleton Waterfall Trail: 6 Spectacular Falls


About Ingleton Waterfall Trail

Ingleton Waterfall Trail has some of the most spectacular woodland scenery and waterfalls in northern England, or so it’s said! But, if you visit, you can decide that for yourself.

Ingleton is a village, located in the district of North Yorkshire. The well-known circular trail begins and ends in the village, passing by 6 main waterfalls along the route. The trail is approximately 7km (4.3mile) long, 169m in elevation and takes between 2-4 hours to complete.

Arriving at Ingleton Waterfall Trail

So, you will arrive at Broadwood carpark, where there’s toilets as well as plenty of free parking spaces; including electric vehicle charging points.

Once you have found your parking spot and you are ready to set off, you will head towards the ticket office where an entrance fee is charged before you can head in. Here you can also pick up a map/guide to help you along the way. If you have little ones in tow, they also have a challenge to keep them entertained along the route. (How fun!!)

The ticket prices are: Adults (16 and over) – £10.00 and Children – £5 – Children’s Challenge – £1.

Post Code: LA6 3ET

Starting Ingleton Waterfall Trail

Map in hand and ready to go, the trail starts along a narrow foot path which over-looks a river called The River Twiss. The trail right from the beginning is very beautiful. Although, we don’t need to tell you this, see the pictures for proof.

Swilla Glen

As you continue along the path, walking through the woodland of Swilla Glen, you will see plenty of wild ground plants and then further on within Swilla Glen, you will come to The Money Tree. (no money isn’t actually growing here, unfortunately). Nevertheless, the fallen tree stump is covered in 100s, or maybe 1000s of coins! What’s more, it is believed to be good luck to put a coin into the money tree. So, we put one in and posed for some photos! (of course).

Manor Bridge

Soon, after placing your coin and posing for some pictures you continue along the path towards manor bridge that takes you over the river Twiss. And then It’s not long before you will reach the first spectacular waterfall… (How exciting!?)

Pecca Falls

Following the path after Manor bridge, soon you will come to Pecca Bridge. Then as you walk over the bridge you will spot the 1st of the 6 spectacular waterfalls of the trail – Pecca Falls. What’s more, there are 5 main waterfalls within Pecca Falls, that fall 30metres over the slate and sandstone. (WOW!). The waterfalls are so beautiful you feel like you are in The Avatar!

Hollybush Spout

As you continue on from Pecca falls along Pecca Bridge, you will quickly come to the 2nd waterfall of the trail. This next waterfall is called Hollybush Spout and the trail continues up several steep steps at this point (be warned!!!). We had achy legs when we reached the top of this, but its so worth it. However, the best is yet to come…

The main event – Thornton Force

As you continue the trail you will head towards the most spectacular of all six waterfalls…So after several narrow paths and stairways, you won’t quite believe how it opens up as you reach this breath taking waterfall! Therefore, allow some time at this point to sit and enjoy the view, take some pictures and maybe even dip your toes in, if it’s a lovely day.

The waterfall, Thornton Force is the most famous of the waterfalls on this trail and you will understand why, when you see it. The historic river drops 14 meters down a cliff of limestone, that dates back 330million years ago! And what’s more, there is a viewing point which makes it a great place for a picnic or just a rest before continuing the walk. We sat at the viewing point for a while and what a relaxing place to sit it was.

Thornton Force to Raven Ray Bridge

Moving on, once you have finished enjoying the main waterfall (although you’ll feel like staying there all day!) you will head up some steps where the path follows the Twiss Valley and to your right you will see beautiful limestone features, before reaching a footbridge called Ray Bridge.

Ray Bridge then leads you up a steep incline (theres a bench at the top for a well needed rest!), to Twisleton Lane.

Twisleton Lane

The old Roman Road of Twisleton Lane leads into Kingsdale with views of Morcombe Bay. Unexpectedly, on Twisleton Lane, if you’re lucky, an ice cream van will be there to serve you cold iced treats! This is perfect on a hot sunny day, as a result, we decided this was a good place to stop for a lunch break, taking in the fabulous views. Generally many people tend to stop here with their ice creams for a well deserved break.

Beezley Falls

After your ice cream stop, you will arrive at the Falls Refreshment Centre just before Beezley Falls. And If you didn’t grab an ice cream or some lunch, you could stop here for refreshments instead as this is another good time to take in the spectacular views while resting your legs for a bit. Beezley Farm also has toilet facilities available for walkers to use. (Bonus!)

Before, heading towards the next waterfall, Beezley Falls, you will see spectacular views of Ingleborough which is one of the famous Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks.

Next, the trail takes you through oak woodland, where you will now be following the river Doe as you arrive at the 4th waterfall of the trail – Beezley Falls. This waterfall consists of a descent of 3 streams side by side, it is yet another spectacular waterfall! (Hence the name of the blog!)  

Rival Falls

The 5th waterfall is Rival falls, known as ‘The black hole’ locally due to its waters plummeting into a 80ft hole! Now that is deep, isn’t it? As a result, this one is used for cliff jumping, (is that what its called?) I don’t know, but we saw a group of people jumping into the ‘black hole’ not for the faint hearted! So, as you can imagine, us, along with other spectators, felt nervous just watching!

Baxenghyll Gorge

As you continue the trail, you’ll walk onto Baxenghyll Gorge to a viewing bridge, where you will have a breathtaking view of the river down below, very down below (consider this as a warning if you’re scared of heights-like me-Lu!) As you can see from the picture below, we were pretty high above this waterfall.

Snow Falls

Ingleton Falls website states “don’t forget to look back, or you may miss the beautiful snow falls” well, we missed the beautiful snow falls! Although, we’d normally go with the motto of ‘never look back’, but in this case, maybe try it?

So, after you’ve looked back to take in the beautiful site of Snow falls, the trail continues over a final foot bridge through Twisleton Glen.

Ingleton Village

The final part of the trail takes you through the cute little village of Ingleton, where you will find small shops, cafes, pubs and more. We’d advise you spend some time here if you can, before ending the walk, where you’ll head back to the carpark where you started.

Furthermore, there is actually an outdoor swimming pool in Ingleton Village as well, so, if you are heading there on a nice day, why not take your swim gear?

Additional Information

Ingleton waterfall trail is a paid trail open 7 days a week (except Christmas Day) and it is card payments only. They say that visitors don’t need to book in advance and can just pay on arrival at the ticket office.

This route is a moderate trail and walking boots are recommended, also, there are several steps throughout the trail and so we wouldn’t recommend this route to anyone with low levels of fitness and/or mobility concerns.

Six main waterfalls of Ingleton Waterfall Trial

  1. Pecca Falls
  2. Hollybush Spout
  3. Thornton force
  4. Beezley Falls
  5. Rival Falls
  6. Baxenghyll Gorge

(Plus look out for Snow Falls, which we didn’t see! And let us know in the comments if you see it?)

Ingleton Waterfall Trail Opening Times

March 1st to March 31st – 9am to 4pm

April 1st to August 31st – 9am to 7pm

September 1st to October 31st – 9am to 4pm

November 1st to February 28th/29th – 9am to 2.30pm

When planning, allow enough time, the trail takes around 2 and a half hours to complete, so when setting off ensure you’ll finish before it goes dark.

Full address for Ingleton Waterfall Trail

Ingleton Waterfall Trail

Broadwood Entrance



Post code; LA6 3ET

For more information visit Ingleton falls website: Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

If you are wondering what to take with you read our blog on ‘hiking bags essentials’ or for more tips visit ‘Our top hiking tips

We hope you found this blog helpful and if it has inspired you to go to Ingleton Waterfall Trail – Let us know how it went in the comments.

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  • Lauren

    Aww great blog! I love ingleton falls, we went as a family and it was such a fab walk! Although my knee gave way half way round so be careful if you’re not in a ‘fit’ state!

    I had no idea there was an outdoor swimming pool nearby, that’s good to know! Will plan to go on a nice day again and definitely take our swim stuff! Xx

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