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Point of Ayr is just one of many Lighthouses but Lighthouses are an interesting part of history. Such as the first known lighthouse, constructed between 300 and 280 B.C.. At 450ft high this lighthouse was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient World. However, it was unfortunately destroyed in the 1300s.

Point of Ayr Lighthouse History

Point of Ayr Lighthouse, built in 1776 is a grade II listed building, situated at the northern most point of mainland Wales. The lighthouse was built by a Trust of the Major of Chester, to warn ships entering The River Dee and The Mersey Estuary. Later the lighthouse was replaced by a pile light before being sadly decommissioned in 1844.

Further, in November 2011 the 59ft tall lighthouse was listed on the property market for £100,000 along with two acres of land. But it sold in 2012 for £90,000, and therefore is currently privately owned by the couple that bought it.

Where is Talacre Lighthouse

Point of Ayr Lighthouse A.K.A Talacre lighthouse is located on Talacre Beach, in the village of Talacre, Hollywell, Wales.

Car park:

The first carpark; Gamfa Wen is a large car park with a fee (Postcode: CH8 9RT). The cost starts from 20p for 2 hours, but there is also a closer car park to the beach at the end of Station Rd (Postcode: CH8 9RP) that is free of charge, though this one becomes fuller quicker as you can imagine.

About Talacre Beach

Talacre beach is a popular beach, and we can see why. Covered by miles and miles of sand and backed by sand dunes. Although it is popular, there is plenty of room for everyone to find their own little spot on the golden sand.  

The Point of Ayr Lighthouse makes a great feature on this beach. However, if you decide to walk around it, be aware you might be swimming back! The tide can come in pretty quickly around the lighthouse, we were sat for a little picnic and then packed up for a walk around and before we got there the lighthouse was under water! …Therefore, take note: be in your swimwear and you’ll be fine. 😊

Interestingly, Talacre Beach was used for Spitfire training and evacuees in World War II. This later led to many of the evacuees taking up permanent residency or becoming holiday homeowners. Due to there being many holiday parks and caravan sites near Talacre Beach, during the summer the beach can get quite busy.

Haunted Lighthouse? …The Lighthouse Keeper

Ready for some spooky information? Point of Ayr A.KA. Talacre lighthouse is said to be one of the most haunted structures in North Wales. Furthermore, rumour has it that sightings of a keeper standing at the top of the lighthouse have been reported several times.

Furthermore, Mediums have apparently sensed the presents of a broken-hearted man. While others sense a man with a fever… What’s more, reportedly a fever is how the latest keeper of the lighthouse passed away.

A funny story from our visit

Funny story: when we visited, Adam thought he saw someone on the top of the lighthouse… So naturally we thought he saw the ghost… But turns out, there was actually someone there and they were alive and painting the lighthouse! HA HA!

Directions from Gamfa Wen carpark to the beach/lighthouse

We parked at the first carpark Gamfa Wen car park and paid on the app ‘pay by phone’. We then walked over to the beach, the walk there was pretty straight forward, we just followed the path.

Following the path, you will come to a left or right turn (pictured below). Turn right and keep following the path until it leads you out to Station Road, where you will see an Ice cream shop/café in front of you. Then turn left here and up the slight incline. Take another left onto the path, where you will see the free carpark (mentioned above) to your right. Continue walking straight towards the beach and over the sand dunes. Once you step onto the beach (which ever little route you take here) you will see Point of Ayr Lighthouse.

A great day out…

This is a great place for a full beach day! As mentioned above there is plenty of room here to find yourself a little spot. Alternatively, the beach is also a wonderful place to visit for a walk or a picnic like we did. 😊 For more things to do in Wales visit our other Wales blogs.

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope you enjoyed it & have found a new place to add to your list of Adventures. If you visit here, or found the blog useful, please leave us a comment below :)

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