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Visit Rogie Falls On The NC500 Route – Scotland


Visit Rogie Falls

The very popular Rogie Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Scotland. Also, being only a short distance away from Inverness, it is one of the first stops and a great way to start the official NC500 route. Furthermore, one of the main reasons this destination is so popular is the fact that salmon can be spotted jumping upstream at certain times of the year. What’s more the waterfall is just a short walk away from the car park, along beautiful forest paths.

How to get to Rogie Falls

Rogie Falls is in the county Ross-shire, Scotland, around 2 miles (3km) northwest of the village of Contin. When coming from Inverness, Rogie Falls is around 22 miles (35km) along the A835 heading in a clockwise direction of the official NC500 route.

Post code: IV14 9EQ

Rogie Falls Car Park

There is a car park with plenty of spaces and public toilets (open April-October). Charges do apply and can be paid via cash or card.

Cost: £2 for up to 2 hours and £3 for up to 4 hours. Unfortunately, motorhomes are now prohibited between 10pm and 8am. However, parking is free for disabled badge holders.

Best Time To Visit Rogie Falls

The best time to visit if you want to spot the salmon leaping upstream is August and September. So consider this when planning your trip if seeing the salmon is on your bucket list. We visited in April, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see the salmon this time. However, we also didn’t have any mosquito issues either… April is a great time if you plan on doing the full NC500 route, as the mosquitos aren’t out yet.

Why do the salmon jump upstream at Rogie Falls?

Interestingly, the reason for the salmon jumping upstream, is actually due to their reproductive cycle. This is because, salmon are born in fresh water, they then migrate to saltwater for the most part of their adult life, before returning to fresh water to reproduce.

Therefore, this cycle ensures the survival of the offspring, by hatching them in their home stream, it allows the young to remember the smell, so that when they return as adults they will be able to find their way back to their home stream. We found this quite fascinating, on visiting, you will find information boards telling you all about it.

Rogie Falls Walking Routes

There’s two different walking routes to choose from, starting from the carpark. The yellow route, this is the easier of the two, or the blue route, this is a little more challenging terrain.

Furthermore, you will find information boards along both routes, giving you interesting facts about the area. What’s more, each route leads to a viewing point with more information all about the salmons life cycle, as mentioned above.

On reaching the falls and the viewing point, you will also find a suspension bridge above the Black Water River, giving spectacular views of the waterfalls. As well as a great view to try and spot the Salmon.

The Salmon Trail – The Yellow Route

Trail rating: Moderate

Trail distance: 0.8km to the falls

Time (approx.): 20 minutes

Terrain: Wide gravel paths, including a long, steep slope.

About The Salmon Trail

The Yellow Route also known as ‘The Salmon Trail’ is the shortest of the two routes to reach the waterfall, viewing point and suspension bridge. The route takes you down through the woods directly to the falls. On returning to the car park, you then have the option to follow the same yellow route back or to take one of the longer blue routes back.

Following the Blue route up, will take you back to the car park through the woods, or following the blue ‘Riverside Trail’ along the side of the river, takes you the more scenic, but also more strenuous route back to the car park.

Facing the falls at Rogie Falls Scotland NC500
Rogie Falls View Point

The Riverside Trail – The Blue Route

Trail rating: Strenuous

Trail distance: 1.3km to the falls

Time (approx.): 30 minutes

Terrain: Rough gravel paths, including narrow, muddy, rocky sections with exposed tree roots. As well as steep slopes with some uneven rocky steps.

About The Riverside Trail

The blue Riverside Trail route starts along the same path as the yellow route, before veering off to take you through a lovely forest trail. The route then follows the riverside (hence the name) to the falls, viewing point and suspension bridge. This is the longer and more strenuous route of the two, however, it is very scenic. Again, you then have the option of following the shorter yellow Salmon Trail back, or you can continue along the blue route for the full circular Riverside Trail.

Rogie Falls Suspension Bridge

The Full Riverside Circular Trail

We opted for the Blue Riverside Trail on our visit and tracked it on our Garmin as 2.03km in around 35min total moving time and 55min total time. Total time includes the time spent admiring the falls, reading the information boards and of course, taking photos!

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